Support on your path

The aim of Your Toolkit is to provide you and your family with support and help on the path to a more independent, confident and safe life. It has been built in consultation with women who have experienced domestic and family violence, support workers and industry professionals who understand the needs of women and families experiencing abuse.

The Your Toolkit team does not provide direct support to individuals, but the website provides details for contacting support services and help lines and women’s refuges.

If you are in danger now please call 000.

The information you will find here may help you if you need to make important decisions. It provides links and telephone numbers to key organisations, and things to consider doing when you are facing difficult and challenging situations. To make it easy to use, the information is divided into 4 sections: Prepare, Act now, Rebuild and Thrive.

While some of the resources referred to in Your Toolkit are based in Western Australia, most of the resources are national or have counterparts in other states.