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Am I in an abusive relationship? Signs to look out for

Are you trapped in an unhappy relationship with a controlling partner, and wondering if your partner’s behaviour is normal? For many women, it isn’t always easy to recognise that certain unhealthy and controlling behaviours in their relationship are abusive.  This type of controlling behaviour is often called coercive control.

Here are some signs of coercive control:.

Many women who experience these behaviours are inclined to think that these are just relationship problems, but don’t realise that these are very common behaviours exhibited by abusers.


If this sounds familiar to you, we encourage you to read more from Your Toolkit which is a free online resource containing information about keeping safe, finding appropriate support and services and personal money matters.  If you are considering whether to leave your partner, or are concerned about your safety you can start here to learn more. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, the Act Now section contains information about leaving home and where to get help.

If you’re not experiencing an abusive relationship thank you for educating yourself and becoming an ally. We encourage all supporters to share our content on social media, access our information and most importantly #tell3 people what you’ve learnt. Domestic violence is often suffered in silence, so any effort to create an open dialect is an opportunity to support your family and friends, who you might be going through something similar.

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