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Leaving an abusive relationship – who to call and where to go.

2b. A guide to leaving home in an emergency

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If you are facing a crisis right now call Triple Zero (000).

Press to call 000 


If you and your children are in immediate danger you may decide to leave the home. In most situations it is best to take your children with you.  Leaving a partner is often the time when women and children are most at risk of harm.  If you are in danger it’s important to seek help by calling 000.

If you need to leave in an emergency, it is really helpful if you have a safety plan in place. You can act on the plan when you need to if a crisis situation arises.  If you haven’t yet made a safety plan, you still can – you can find out more about this at section 1d. Making a safety plan.

Women’s refuges


Women’s refuges provide safe, emergency accommodation and associated support services to women and children in a crisis who need to escape family and domestic violence.  Women’s refuges are usually short term, but they can assist you into other safe housing.  Both the Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline and Crisis Care can assist with finding a women’s refuge:

  • Women’s DV Helpline (24 hours)
    08 9223 1188 – Metro
    1800 007 339 – Free call
  • Crisis Care (24 hours)
    08 9223 1111 – Metro
    1800 199 008 – Free call

You can also find out more about Women’s refuges, including refuges that are located within your region by accessing the Centre for Women’s Safety and Wellbeing Directory.

Important phone numbers

  • Women’s DV Helpline (24 hours)
    Phone: 08 9223 1188  or 1800 007 339
    The Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline is a state wide service providing support for women, with or without children, who are experiencing family and domestic violence. This includes information and advice, referral to local advocacy and support services, liaison with police if necessary, assessing the child’s experience if there are children in the family and support in escaping situations of family and domestic violence. The service can refer women to safe accommodation if required. A telephone based interpreting service is available if required.
  • Crisis Care Helpline (24 hours)
    Phone: 08 9223 1111 or 1800 199 008
    As well as providing information on women’s refuges vacancies, this telephone service also provides information, advice, support and intervention for people in crises and needing urgent help, including child protection concerns, family and domestic violence and homelessness. Crisis care prioritises child protection concerns.
  • Domestic Violence Liaison Officer (WA Police) (24 hours)
    Phone: 131 444
    Call this number if you need to report a breach of a Family Violence Order, or require Police attendance.  Further information on how the Police can help can be found at the WA Police website.
  • Emergency Services (24 hours) Dial: 000

Things to take with you


It is a good idea to have an emergency bag ready just in case.  You can leave it with a neighbour or a friend, or hidden somewhere in your house. Your emergency bag should include:

  • Identification for you and your children (such as driver’s licence and passport)
  • A purse with cash, any debit and credit cards
  • Prescriptions or medication for you and your children
  • A change of clothes and personal hygiene items for you and your children
  • A spare key to your house and car

Section 1c. Documents you need to take with you when leaving a relationship  of this website contains a list of financial, legal and other documents you might also wish to take with you if you leave the home.

But remember safety is the priority in an emergency – don’t put yourself in danger to get these things.

[Article Updated: 1/12/21]

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