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Getting support and keeping safe after you leave a violent relationship.

3d. Safety in public

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There are a lot of things you can do to protect yourself and your children when out in public, including:

  • Make sure you tell your children’s school or daycare who has permission to pick up the children, and if you have one, give them a copy of the Family Violence Restraining Order;
  • Talk to your managers at work and ask them about a work safety plan, and provide them with a copy of the Family Violence Restraining Order;
  • Ask your boss if you can have calls and visitors screened through reception;
  • Always park your car in a busy, public and well lit space. Avoid underground car parks, but if you have to use them ask someone to walk you to your car;
  • Stay in public areas where there are other people, make sure you are not working or out alone
  • If possible, vary your routine, including:
    • the routes you use between home and work;
    • if you regularly catch a bus get off a stop earlier or later than usual;
    • the shopping centres you visit and days you shop;
    • places you socialise;
    • other regular activities;
  • Have the emergency numbers on speed dial (If life is at threat, call 000 immediately. If you need to report a breach of a Family Violence Restraining Order, or require Police attendance, call 131 444). For further information about emergency numbers, see: section 2a. Calling for emergency help;
  • If there is an emergency in a public place and you cannot call 000 yourself, ask bystanders to call the Police for you;
  • If you are being followed in the car, don’t stop – drive straight to the nearest Police station. Lock the car doors and roll up the windows in case you need to stop at lights or for traffic. If you are approached by your ex-partner while stopped for any reason, keep the doors and windows closed and sound the horn repeatedly to attract the attention of the public around you.

For further information on Family Violence Restraining Orders, see section 2c. Family Violence Restraining Orders – What they are and how to get one.

[Article updated: 1/12/21]

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