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3h. Mail safety

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It is important to ensure that your important mail such as bills, bank statements and other financial information continues to reach you and this document contains a few hints in relation to mail safety.

  • Consider getting a PO Box or redirecting your mail to a friend or family member you trust, or to your new accommodation.
  • Australia Post offers free mail redirection for 12 months for victims of domestic violence. More information can be found at: Australia Post – Free Mail Redirection.
  • The guidelines for mail redirection say that:
    • If mail is addressed to more than one person, and only one of the addressees has applied for a Mail Redirection service, the mail will be delivered as addressed (that is, it will not be redirected); and
    • If an article is addressed to more than one person, and the addressees have both applied for redirections but to different addresses, the article will be treated as “left address” and returned to sender.
    • Be aware that it is an offence to open mail addressed to someone else or tampering with mail (which includes interfering with mail receptacles, stealing mail before delivery and opening mail that you are not authorised to open).
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