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Women lost in thought at christmas

Support women facing domestic abuse this Christmas with Your Toolkit

The Christmas-New Year period is officially upon us. 

Whilst many are preparing their Christmas trees and welcoming the New Year, for some West Australian families the holidays bring increased tension, and unstable environments.

During the 2020 Christmas-New Year period, West Australian police reported 81 instances a day where children were exposed to family violence, up 22% compared to the rest of the year. 

Your Toolkit provides women who are facing domestic abuse with a free online road map to leaving, or creating a safe space to transition away from abusive relationships at any time of the year. 

Women experiencing domestic abuse often experience a lack of economic security and financial resources, over Christmas this pressure can escalate, and can often leave women feeling the need to return to abusive relationships.

While many of us wait with anticipation to find out what our loved ones got us for Christmas morning, many women and children will be waking in fear of their abuser. 

Your Toolkit invites organisations to assist in changing the lives of women and children who face domestic violence during this festive season.

Here are three ways individuals and organisations can help women in the workplace this year;

  1. A charitable donation to Your Toolkit.
  2. Contact Your Toolkit at to download informative posters for your workplace.
  3. Host a Your Toolkit presentation presented by our accredited and trusted team.

Make a difference this Christmas season by providing a brighter future for women and children facing domestic violence, with access to Your Toolkit.


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